Acceptable Use Policy

Lawful Use

WebSpot maintains this Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP") to provide users, together with any company or other business entity they are representing (collectively "You" or "Your"), WebSpot's various systems and networks (the "Service") with information relating to Your use of the WebSpot website located at  and any subdomains ("WebSpot Site"). The AUP applies to all users, subscribers, and visitors to the WebSpot Site.

Prohibited Businesses

You may only use the Service to display and/or sell content that you own, have the legal right to display and/or sell, or have a license to display and/or sell.

Your use of the Service may not include any of the following:

Illegal products and services

Products and services that infringe intellectual property rights

Products and services that are unfair, predatory, or deceptive

Adult content and services

Certain legal services

Firearms, explosives and dangerous materials



General Prohibitions

You may not display or sell content that falls under any of the following categories:

General Account Use

You may not lease or sell Your account or any part of it. You must not give your password to any other persons or allow access to your account by any other persons.

Payment Gateway

You must adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service of any payment gateway that you use via the Service. For Stripe, the Terms and Conditions can be found here. If use of the Service involves payment via Stripe, You additionally agree to comply with Stripe’s prohibitions on restricted businesses, available here.

Acceptance of Terms

Use of the Service constitutes acceptance and agree to WebSpot AUP and Terms of Service (TOS). At any point should we find You have violated the AUP or TOS then your account may be suspended or terminated without prior notice.

WebSpot requests that anybody who is aware of a violation of the AUP to contact support at [email protected]. Evidence in the form of IP addresses, HTTP links and website URLs should be provided where available.


If you believe one of our customers is in violation of this AUP please contact support at [email protected] who will investigate whether a violation is occurring. Content that is found to violate the Acceptable Use Policy of any configured payment gateway or store will be removed immediately.

Updates to this Policy

The AUP may be amended at any time by posting an updated AUP on the WebSpot Site. All amended terms shall automatically become effective as soon as they are posted on the WebSpot Site. Your continued use of the Services will constitute Your acceptance of any changes or additions to this AUP.

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